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Photography and urbanism


I’m a young city planner graduate from the human sciences department of the French University Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris1.

For the last 5 years I’ve been part of multidisciplinary teams who advised french municipalities to define their urban strategy. I worked for almost a year in an architect agency dedicated to the urban programming and 4 years for an agency specialized in urban mobilities. I was in charge of preliminary studies to identify mobility, housing and amenities needs. Every case gave an opportunity to bring new ideas and answers to contemporary urban issues.

My past experiences have led me to focus on thinking conceptualy about cities, regarding the new urban transition. Indeed, after the medieval and industrial cities, we’re now living a third revolution where eco-efficiency and collaboration appear as key words.


Cities are bubbling up, things change rapidly. I’m curious about all the initiatives and processes which emerge, either from experts or the civil society. I’m interested in capturing, understanding and revealing them. In my opinion photography is an appropriate tool to achieve this.


Since my education and work experience were mostly based on speaking and writing in French, I wanted to find a universal way to share what intrigues me in cities. With this I’d like to contribute to a collaborative smart urbanism which could be defined as a horizontal exchange, which is fed by the peer to peer learning. I believe in Marteen Hajers remark: “City planning will become a continuous experiment, with cities serving as a living lab” […] “it’s more about inspiration and collaboration than about analysis and instruct”.


Therefore, I decided to create this portfolio. I would enjoy collaborating with anyone who’s interested in the same matter or could make use of my urban vision.